My TOP 5 404 Error Pages

In striving for perfection, we sometimes make mistakes. And while there are blunders we’d prefer to forget, there are also those we fondly remember as a funny anecdote or a valuable lesson. One such example is my TOP 5 Error Pages, the playfulness and wittiness of which inspire us to think outside the box. Continuing the subject of films that lift our mood in times of crisis, I have also chosen pages that reference our favorite movies with a knowing wink.

kualo 404

#5 Kualo – 404 Page

Realizing the importance of positive user experience, even when some unfortunate users come across a 404 page, the Kualo Web Hosting team has created an interactive page with a link to one of the earliest computer games. By going into battle with the Space Invaders and vaporizing them into stardust, you can win a hosting discount. I added this to my list of successful error pages due to the excellent time I had playing this classic after a moment of confusion.

ready to survive 404

#4 Ready To Go Survival – 404 Page

The page sends us directly to a place we want to find when looking for the site. Their 404 page makes a very apt reference to the Matrix film. We are sent to the respective page on the site by choosing to take one of the pills (blue or red).

pixar 404

#3 Pixar – 404 Page

Pixar’s 404 page helps us remember the exciting story of Inside Out, which is a children’s film. Assuming that the user searching for the animation studio’s site has probably seen many of their films, the creators of the page use a quote from the favorite film of many children and their parents. Or maybe the message will also be understood by those who have not managed to see Inside Out, and perhaps they will even be encouraged to watch another film produced by the studio? After all, we all need a look inside ourselves from time to time. And while we don’t spend much time on 404 error pages, the company stays true to its reputation for quality design.

mailchimp 404

#2 Mailchimp – 404 Page

Upon arriving at Mailchimp’s 404 error page, our attention is immediately grabbed by a minimalist but expressive illustration and eloquent text. Relying on the impact of the cute drawing and playful description, the company lifts our spirits, and there’s no trace of the usual negative effect on our mood resulting from coming across a 404 page. I’m sure the page instantly makes everyone smile, and this is another bonus the company adds to a positive user experience.

spotify 404

#1 Spotify – 404 Page

Spotify has also come up with a 404 page with a simple and expressive concept. The animated illustration gives us a clue of what the site offers, and even not-so-avid music lovers will immediately think of a skipping record. They may even imagine the slight scratching of the needle on its surface. A successful idea by a company offering music streaming. The user, who has failed to achieve their goal of reaching the site, will continue to think of music and may even be inspired.

Which one of those pages is your favorite?


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