Best Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Images have always evoked passionate responses and carried strong emotional messages. In today’s fast-changing world, the importance of visual communication is becoming ever greater.
Designers are a type of artist, and as George Sand said, “The artist’s vocation is to send light into the human heart.” A designer with a wide audience has a responsible job because his play with colors, lines, and shapes can easily affect a big part of the public.

Working with vector and raster images is part of the creative process of every designer. In raster graphics, images consist of dots called pixels that contain color data. This type of graphics allows greater precision in details and enables photograph processing, but the images lose their quality at higher magnification. The most popular software for photo retouching and working with various raster images is Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator, on the other hand, is the most widely used software for creating and editing vector graphics. The graphics handled by the software are made up of individual objects called vectors or Bézier curves. This type of graphics is widely used by every graphic and web designer in the design of logos, tables, graphics, fonts, icons, illustrations, and many other objects. Adobe Illustrator is an extremely useful aid to the creative process that allows the objects created by the user to be enlarged to any size without losing their quality.

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Adobe Illustrator is suitable for artists from various fields who use the software’s numerous capabilities to create the visual space around us and build society’s aesthetic culture. Every day, we come across printed materials created using the various capabilities of Adobe Illustrator: logos, maps, corporate branding, brochures, posters, business cards, notebooks, calendars, and all kinds of other promotional materials, packaging, book covers, billboards, illustrations…
When browsing websites and applications and turning e-book pages, we also see images created with the help of this software. 

Graphic and web designers, typographers, and illustrators take advantage of the numerous capabilities of Adobe Illustrator, and their drawings can be used in print media, on websites, and in various applications.

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool for creating simple or complex objects from scratch using its Bézier curves, curve-smoothing features, and various ways to align objects, trace raster graphics, blend shapes to build complex contours, and make simple animations. The editor allows you to create 3D objects from two-dimensional shapes and to use pre-created brushes and patterns or create new ones. Those features massively shorten and enrich the creative process. Different types of color gradients and beautiful effects also add lightness and enhance the tool palette.

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Illustrator has numerous capabilities for text editing and even creating your own font. The ability to convert text into curves and the variety of effects make designing a logo easy and enjoyable.
Unlike Adobe InDesign, whose strength is in working with large amounts of text to create many pages for books and magazines, as well as to prepare them for printing, Adobe Illustrator focuses on editing individual passages, applying effects to the text, and enabling the creative process.

As with most Adobe programs, Illustrator allows the user to layer individual parts of objects or different objects, which makes editing much faster and more efficient. There is also the ability to export layers to Photoshop, and quickly transfer images to InDesign, with the ability to edit the curves.

Adobe Illustrator makes the job of creative designers much simpler and more pleasant when they want to build a composition of elements, including lines, shapes, lights and shadows, volumes, color spots, text, etc., that are harmoniously and aesthetically organized in space.

Logo mypack all - moreby.usIllustrator usually comes as standalone software, or bundled with all other Creative Cloud programs and is available on a monthly or yearly subscription. Remember that, as with all other Adobe products, you can try Illustrator for 30 days for free.

Below is a free course that will guide you through the capabilities of this software and help every novice designer gain enough knowledge and confidence to get started with Adobe Illustrator.


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