Tattoo and Typography

From a name to a quote, an idea, or an entire manifesto, words can communicate in ways that image alone cannot. Artists and designers use hand lettering, calligraphy, typography, and various letterforms to add meaning to communications using letters and words. The monks sat in the scriptorium, working by the light of beeswax candles on […]

How to Create Color Palettes Fast, Easy and Free

The world of design is a colorful one. With so many shades and hues to choose from, it is easy to overthink the color palette. As creatives, usually, we are best at overthinking. That’s where color palette generators come in. They act as a guide to help you make your choice when selecting a set […]

Exploring the Beautiful World of Aboriginal Jewelry Design

Throughout the history of humankind, decorations, dresses, and jewelry have been an integral part of any celebration or ceremony. Almost every culture has a tradition of donning clothing and accessories appropriate to the occasion to communicate its significance and enjoy donning its beauty. Numerous ancient cultures, including the Australian Aboriginal culture, used elaborate body adornments […]

The next Adobe Max is Coming. Join For Free!

Dear Creative Friend, This is a friendly reminder to take a look at one of my favorite annual design events – Adobe MAX – The Creativity Conference. Adobe MAX offers a space for dispersion and relaxation. In addition to the live talks with different celebrities, there will be musical performances. Everyone can be part of an […]

Typography and the creation of messages

From the first engraved strokes on the monuments of Ancient Rome, the text is never simply text. Typography is the art and technique of arranging letters in a design so that the written language is effective in print. This management involves selecting a font, arranging the characters, and distributing the space. To avoid common confusion, […]

Between Local and Global: Graphic Design in Argentina

Argentina is one of the many examples of Latin American countries that develop the design as their history progresses. Although the first advertising agencies and schools of graphic arts emerged between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, graphic design assumed the most diverse conceptual forms for many decades. The design itself went through a […]

The Revolution of Russian Constructivism

How many times have you seen the popular posters in red and black or primary colors with geometric shapes? The truth is that they date back many decades since they were created by artists belonging to Russian Constructivism. It is an artistic movement, mostly pictorial and architectural, which emerged in Russia around 1914. Its splendor […]

Iconic Graphic Designers, You Should Know About

The history of graphic design is relatively recent. This language was poorly developed, and advertisements were limited to disseminating a product’s virtues until mass publicity broke out in the mid-20th century. Dedicating oneself to graphic design requires a lot of imagination, experience, and mastery of the many digital tools to create visual concepts that communicate […]

My TOP 5 movies about art

Art serves as an inspiration for many other disciplines, and the seventh art has been no exception. Through biographies or documentaries, these films show us the human and most creative side of the great artists of art history. These are some of the films about art that are essential to make us dream.  #5: “Girl […]

Is Artificial Intelligence going to replace designers?

We have been surrounded daily by artificial intelligence systems such as Google or Siri voice assistants, content on social networks, recommendations on music platforms, or Google predictive searches. But what are they about, and how do they impact? AI is a technology that operates through algorithms that many industries have incorporated to perform systematic and […]