My TOP 5 Feel-Good Movies During Crisis

What helps us cope with a crisis? Hope. We need to hold on to the thought of hope that good times will return to our lives and we´ll emerge even stronger from the crisis.

Watching good movies is like diving into a different world, it allows us to look with different eyes, feel with different hearts, and think with different minds. Today I´d like to take you on a little journey by sharing my TOP 5 feel-good movies. In times of crisis, these can boost our mood, give hope, and bring joy.



#5: The Terminal (2004)

A movie based on a true story. An Eastern European tourist finds himself trapped in NYC´s JFK, international airport terminal. He is denied the US visa and at the same time, he can´t return to his native country. Funnily enough, the actor in The Terminal speaks actually Bulgarian (in the movie it´s called Krakosian). Bulgarian is my first native language (German is my second native), so it´s indeed very entertaining watching Tom Hanks speaking Bulgarian. Why this movie makes me feel good? Because it´s all about not giving up, about finding comfort in the discomfort, finding creative ways to deal with unexpected situations, and about people supporting each other, particularly immigrants supporting other immigrants. It gives hope and reliance that good things will happen and no matter what, we need to stick to our beliefs and goals.

#4: A Good Year (2006)

Most of the movies I’m sharing here I’ve watched a couple of times. This one too, and each and every time it makes me feel good. Apart from the amazing images of vineyards, Tuscan fields, and warm orange – colored sunlight, this heart-warming movie allows me to just dive into the easy-going, emotional, sensory Italian spirit of the life in Provence. It is about a British investment broker who inherits his uncles chateau ( and vineyard where he spent his childhood. The transformation he undergoes by slowing down, finding little pleasures, and delights are in a way similar to what we experience currently with the lockdown during the Covid19 pandemic. It’s about finding appreciation and enjoying the beauty of life. A movie with a similar spirit is “Under the Tuscan sun”, you can check it out for yourself.

#3: The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

This movie is again based on a true story about a struggling salesman trying to make a career change. After the eviction from their San Francisco apartment he and his little son have a tough life and many scenes in this movie are so touching that some tissues might be needed. Happy tears might be expected. The feel-good and inspiring element in this movie is the determination with which the main character pursuits his goal. This Go-getter attitude is what makes hopeful and we can all do it.

#2: Untouchable (2011)

A movie based on a true story depicting the friendship of two completely different men – an aristocratic, intellectual millionaire bond to a wheelchair and a black unemployed man with a criminal record who is hired to be his caregiver. We witness how contagious positivism can be and how life attitude can be changed. A whole new world reveals itself once we look through different glasses and we experience this magic together with the protagonist – an unforgettable cinematic experience that brings joy and hope. This movie is an original French production from 2011. The US-American remake “The Upside” from 2017 is worth watching too, though I prefer the original one.

#1: The Help (2011)

I came across by chance to this movie and watched it just recently. The reason why I like it, is because it´s about the topic of racism which is close to my heart since I´m working as an Intercultural Trainer and Consultant. The story tackles the topic of racism in the 1960s in Mississippi, picturing a young white women, who decides to write a book from the point of view of the black maids, exposing the racism by sharing their hurtful, bitter and sometimes bizarre stories. Despite the heavy topic the movie is full of humour, light and hope as black women find the courage and liberation in speaking the truth. Very touching, with phenomenal actresses. A great inspiration for female power and “sisterhood”.

These were my favorite feel-good movies. I hope you get to enjoy them and that they can bring good vibes to you too.

What are your favorite feel-good movies?


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