What You Need to Know Before You Purchase an Argyle Pink Diamond

The world’s supply of pink diamonds will run out when the Argyle mine in Western Australia closes permanently. So if you want to buy argyle pink diamonds or pink diamond jewelry, now is the best moment because of the depletion of the resource, which will lead to an increase in prices owing to increased demand. Whatever your level of expertise in rare commodities like pink diamonds, or if you’re curious about this actual geological phenomena, you’ll need to know the facts.

Many aspects must be considered when deciding where to put your money, but there are a few to keep in mind when grading pink diamonds. Of course, provenance should be the first consideration. Diamonds from the Argyle mine are renowned for being the most valuable and rare globally, frequently fetching twice as much as a similar diamond from elsewhere. Because of this, when purchasing a pink diamond, it is imperative that you quickly identify its provenance.

As a result of this certification, all pink diamonds sold by APDX have been validated and are above 0.08 cts in weight, providing purchasers assurance that they are receiving a genuine piece of Australian gemmological history.

Grades of diamonds: an explanation

Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight, and Cut are the so-called 4 C’s of diamond grading. All of these things go into the value of a diamond, but one, in particular, has a significant impact on the price of pink diamonds.

When it comes to purchasing a pink diamond, the essential consideration for customers is the stone’s color. Pink diamonds come in a broad spectrum of hues, from light blush pinks to dark reds, and the more intense hues are highly sought after. Colour is a feature of a diamond that may be broken down into three main characteristics, all of which combined constitute a diamond’s color grade:

The Benefits of Dealing with a Diamond Expert When Purchasing Argyle Pink Diamonds

Because Argyle diamonds are so rare and valuable, there’s a solid reason to be careful while searching for a trustworthy jeweler. When purchasing an Argyle Pink Diamond, you must work with a jeweler with the necessary expertise and certifications.

Other essential considerations are, knowing your budget and what you may anticipate spending on an Argyle Pink Diamond in today’s market. If the pink color is darker, rarer, and more costly, this is often the case. Argyle Pink Diamond prices may vary from $10,000 each carat for a lesser intensity pink to about $700,000 per carat for darker pinks, depending on the grade.

Colour, tone, and saturation all affect the price of an Argyle Diamond (the strength of the hue).

An Argyle Pink Diamond, loose and in a box, is an excellent investment if you want to acquire some of the world’s rarest gemstones for your collection. Despite the ever-increasing demand for gemstones, a pink Argyle diamond will always retain its inherent beauty, attractiveness, and value.

Final Thoughts

As one of the most sought-after gemstones, it is no surprise that Argyle Pink Diamonds are in high demand. It’s not only that they’re highly uncommon, which means they’re more valuable, but they’re also really gorgeous, and that is why more and more people want to buy argyle pink diamonds. They look fantastic on their own or in a piece of jewelry set with white diamonds.


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