10 Tech Gadgets for Awesome Christmas Gifts

It finally is the season for peppermint hot chocolate, knitted sweaters, and giving gifts to friends and family. One of the best times of the year to share moments of joy with your loved ones is here. While looking for the perfect Christmas presents, we caught our thoughts going through all the electronics stores and decided to share some fantastic ideas you might also like. Electronic devices are one of the most fun, not to mention useful gifts you can provide. 

Most of the time, Christmas gifts shouldn’t break the bank. At the same time, you don’t want your presents to collect dust idly—it should be a product that the recipient incorporates into their daily life. So here is our favorite ten fantastic tech picks for this Christmas:

#1 Alarm Clock, Meet Alexa: Amazon Echo Show 5

Amazon Echo smart speakers have become increasingly popular. They can play music, control smart home products, buy things from Amazon, and integrate with all sorts of third-party services. Amazon’s latest smart display combines that same smart speaker technology with a display and camera. Alarm clock usage, video calling, and even watching TV are all possible on the Echo Show. 

If you want to open up the video calling possibilities, you could buy yourself a second Echo Show. With a simple voice command, you’ll have a direct window into a friend or family member’s home, perfect for virtually seeing each other during the coronavirus pandemic. 

If you’re more invested in Google’s ecosystem than Amazon’s, you can take a look at the similar Nest Hub, which offers lots of the same functionality. 

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#2 Give the Gift of Virtual Worlds: Oculus Quest 2

Facebook’s latest standalone virtual reality headset is more affordable than previous models, including a better display and faster processor. With virtual reality headsets, entirely new kinds of virtual experiences are possible. Your recipient can meet their friends in VR, watch movies in a virtual ski lodge, and play super immersive games. 

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#3 A Little More Spendy, But Guaranteed Daily Use: 2020 iPhone SE

If your primary priority is making sure that your gift doesn’t go to waste, look no further. iPhone SE is identical in form factor to the iPhone 8, but it contains the same powerful processor as the iPhone 11 series. If your recipient has an older phone, they’ll undoubtedly appreciate the speed boost. 

Best of all, the iPhone SE is a premium phone at a very reasonable price. With carrier discounts or a trade-in, expect to pay less than $300.

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#4 Simply the Best Streaming Box: Roku Ultra

Roku’s top-of-the-line streaming box is a massive upgrade over a smart TV’s built-in interface. It supports super sharp 4K HDR content with ease on a variety of popular streaming services. The remote includes a headphone jack, so your giftee can listen to their favorite movies and shows late at night without bothering anyone else. 

An alternative for giftees who are already invested in the Apple ecosystem is the Apple TV 4K. It offers slightly different features compared to the Roku, so consider both options for your particular situation. 

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#5 Outdoor Tunes: JBL Flip 5

If your recipient is a fan of listening to music while hiking, going to the beach, or doing other outdoor activities, they’ll undoubtedly love the JBL Flip 5. This wireless speaker is perfect for clipping to a backpack or throwing in the car for a weekend getaway. It’s even waterproof, so there is no need to worry about it when they’re outside enjoying nature. 

There are also various models to choose from depending on your requirement. Apart from providing you with the best sound quality, the JBL sound system and Surround sound are sleek and stylish pieces that are snazzy to look at. The light effects make it all super attractive to enjoy at the parties.

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#6 Solve the Remote Control Clutter: Logitech Harmony Companion

If your giftee’s coffee table or ottoman is covered in TV remotes, Logitech Harmony Companion will simplify their life. After a few minutes of tinkering, they’ll get an easy-to-use remote that controls all of their equipment with no hassle. Gone are the days of juggling five different remotes.

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#7 Drive Carefully and Win Insurance Claims: Crosstour CR300 Dash Cam

Taxicab and truck drivers know how useful dashcams can be in the event of a collision. If your recipient gets into an accident, having footage of what happened can be super helpful. Whether it’s for demonstrating who’s at fault or even solving a hit and run case, a good dash cam can be a lifesaver.

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#8 Fantastic Games for Adults and Kids: Nintendo Switch Lite

Whether they’re enjoying the zen of Animal Crossing or fighting the final Mario boss, gamers of all ages want Nintendo’s colossal catalog of fun games and great hardware. The Switch Lite is just like the more expensive Switch, but it’s all one piece, and it can’t be connected to a separate television. Both models support all the same games and are compatible with online play.

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#9 Mophie Wireless Charging Stand

Now that all sorts of products—from iPhones to earbuds to smartwatches—work with wireless charging consider getting a special someone a great wireless charger. The Morphie Wireless Charging Stand juices up devices super fast while holding them at the perfect angle for nightstand or tabletop use.

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#10 AirPods 

Apple’s perennially popular wireless earbuds—part conference call audio solution, part on-the-go music, part status symbol—make an easy, affordable gift that is sure to be appreciated. 

If you’re willing to splurge a little, your recipient will be over the moon if you get them AirPods Pro, the fancier AirPods model with active noise cancellation and better sound quality.

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Choosing the right Christmas gift to surprise and delight your loved ones can be challenging. However, it’s hard to go wrong with an electronic gadget or device. 

This holiday season, electronic devices make even more relevant Christmas gifts. Since we’re all at home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might not be with your family in person.

We hope you liked our small selection and we wish you lovely holidays! 


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