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Google Analytics for Beginners

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This free online course will help you understand better your website visitors and grow your business faster thru intelligent data collection and analysis.


Is there a website without any analytics tools? Sounds strange, right? 

With the Google Analytics for Beginners course, you will learn how to understand the information collected by your Google Analytics. This will help you grow your business faster through intelligent data collection and analysis.

After this course, check also the next level: Advanced Digital Analytics Course by Google

This is the free course Google Analytics for Beginners by Google Analytics Academy.

Here is full list of the short video lessons:


1. Welcome to Google Analytics for Beginners

2. Overview of Google Analytics data collection

3. The Analytics account structure

4. Navigating the full Audience report

5. Introduction to dashboards and shortcuts

6. Audience reports overview

7. Acquisition reports overview

8. Behavior reports overview

9. How to track a marketing campaign

10. Tracking campaigns with URL Builder

11. How to set up Goals in Analytics

12. How to use Analytics with Google Ads

13. Google Analytics for Beginners Wrap-Up

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