Digital Analytics Fundamentals Course by Google
Tuesday, 02 May 2017 13:58

Digital Analytics Fundamentals Course by Google

Written by More by Us

Although we kept updating the information and videos in this article, Google Analytics has changed, and Google created a new online course for the latest version of Analytics.

You can see the new free course for beginners here: Google Analytics for Beginners


This Free Digital Analytics Fundamentals course by Google Analytics Academy includes:

1. Course Overview

2. The importance of Digital Analytics

3. Core analysis techniques

4. Conversions and conversion attribution

5. Creating a measurement plan

6. How Google Analytics works

7. Key metrics and dimensions defined

8. Creating an account

9. Understanding your account structure

10. Setting up basic filters

11. Setting up goals and ecommerce

12. Collecting campaign data

13. Reporting overview

14. Audience reports

15. Acquisition reports

16. AdWords reports

17. Custom reports and dashboards

18. Custom reports and dashboards

19. Goal Flow report

20. Ecommerce reports

21. Multi-Channel Funnels reports

22. Attribution reports


Enjoy your free online course! :)




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