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Advanced Digital Analytics Course by Google

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If you already had the chance to go through the free Google Analytics for Beginners, it is time to get to the next level.

This free online course is for advanced digital analytics users. It would help you learn how to collect, process, and analyze information, and would introduce you to some of the advanced analysis and marketing solutions and tools.

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This Free Advanced Digital Analytics Course by Google includes 4 major categories: 

A. Data Collection and Processing

B. Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration

C. Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques

D. Advanced Marketing Tools


Here is the full list of short video lessons:


- Introduction Advanced Digital Analytics Course

1. How Google Analytics collects data

2. Categorizing data into users and sessions

3. Transforming data using configuration rules

4. Storing data to generate reports quickly

5. How to create a measurement plan

6. Managing multiple accounts or properties

7. How to set up advanced filters on views

8. How to set up event tracking

9. How to set up Internal Site Search

10. How to set up Custom Dimensions

11. How to set up Custom Metrics

12. How to set up Calculated Metrics

13. How to set up Channel Groupings

14. How to set up Content Groupings

15. How to set up Enhanced Ecommerce

16. How to set up User ID

17. How to set up Data Import

18. Introduction to segmentation

19. Using Multi-Channel Funnel reports for analysis

20. Introduction to remarketing

21. Introduction to Dynamic Remarketing

- Course conclusion




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