Elisaveta Shiderska

Elisaveta Shiderska

Elisaveta is a Bulgarian who has been living in the Spanish capital of Madrid for 15 years. She has, for many years, been a sports journalist and conditioning coach. She considers herself very lucky in life because she has managed to turn what she loves – sports and healthy habits – into her job. She says her method of work is rather old-fashioned. She loves details, people, and children. She likes correct forms, biomechanics, and didactics. She loses her mind over unsightly, bent bones that nevertheless dance with the corresponding muscles in perfect harmony.

Eli is also an author of books for healthy habits, especially for kids.

Currently working as a conditioning specialist at the Municipal Centre for the Elderly “Prosperidad Santa Hortensia” and correspondent of the Bulgarian National Radio in Madrid. She graduated as a physical training coach in Barcelona and Sofia and has a master’s degree in Engineering Geoecology.

Wednesday, 01 July 2020 14:56

Sound mind in a healthy body

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