How your marketing strategy can benefit from using comics
Friday, 05 May 2017 17:17

How your marketing strategy can benefit from using comics

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Comic books are awesome – everyone read them as a kid, some of us still do, and increasingly more marketing specialists use them nowadays for advertising.

If you have never heard of this before you will probably be taken aback and brush it off as an ineffective (and fairly odd) content strategy. Although this type of promotion is not something you typically see on billboards or signs, comics are an insanely profitable industry, and using them in marketing is a growing and surprisingly effective trend. 

Why you should strengthen your brand with storytelling

It is true; comics is not your usual go-to marketing tool. It is, however, unparalleled when it comes to telling a story and connecting the customer with the people behind your business. Every brand needs a powerful core message and a compelling backstory that doesn’t sound like a dull sales pitch, but rather has life and passion behind it – something that will make it memorable and even inspiring to your clients. In addition to their renaissance in pop culture, comics are also being heavily employed in marketing strategies, and with astounding results when done right. If you are looking to expand your business and attract new customers or you are interested in making your brand more approachable and customer-friendly, this is an excellent strategy to use.

How comics help you stand out

The key element that makes comics unique and persuasive is creativity. In today’s society you see ads anywhere you go (even when you are chilling at home browsing online sites), and it seems like everyone is trying to sell you something. The reason why comics are not a safe bet, but certainly a high-potential bet is that they bring something entirely different to the table – diversity. You have a lot more room for imagination, ingenuity, and originality when you are using a creative visual medium and do not forget the viral potential of this form of art. Maybe you would be surprised that many senior managers in conservative industries enjoy this kind of communication!

Take this into consideration:

- Comics disarm sensitive topics,
- Suspend disbelief,
- Have significant alignment properties.

When you should rely on it for advertising

Even if you are not sold on the benefits of using comics (at least experimentally) for marketing, there is a situation where this type of publicity will do wonders for your business. Moreover, that is if you have to convey a more complex message to your clients. What I mean by this is: maybe you have an inspiring backstory, but it would be too tedious if put into words or there’s a long, complicated tutorial you want to share, but it would require a high attention span and too much time to read. These are just two examples. The bottom line is, you might need to market technical details, unsexy ideas, or stories that need a visual outlet to be impactful. Moreover, you are not sure how to proceed to get your message across. So, instead of limiting your ideas within the confines of bland text, you should absolutely give comics a try and translate them into a visual medium that will guarantee garner more attention and shares.

Are you curious how a comic can boost your business?

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