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Why your Business Should Be Using Social Media’s Newest Darling, Clubhouse

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Are You In The Club?

As a business owner or leader, ensuring that your brand is active on social media should prioritize your marketing strategy. From increasing brand awareness to boosting traffic and revenue, social media marketing has become one of the primary methods to engage in an increasingly-online consumer market. 

However, with limited marketing resources and time, making sure that you invest in the right social media types for your business is critical. One of the latest additions to the social media world has quickly risen the ranks in recent days as a potential media gamechanger. Enter Clubhouse - the newest invite-only platform for engaging with potential customers and boost brand relevance.

Launched in May of 2020, Clubhouse has steadily gained traction as one of the social media’s new darlings. With the drastic changes in consumer behavior due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Clubhouse has gained traction among online influencers, celebrities, and venture capitalists looking to win big on the app’s popularity

Are you wondering if your business can benefit from joining the Clubhouse craze? Read on as we break down the app itself and how business owners and entrepreneurs can take advantage of this unique social media platform.

What Is Clubhouse?

In short, Clubhouse is the next contender in the social media platform wars. However, the application brings a unique element to the mix that makes it stand out against larger platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Clubhouse combines the growing popularity of live streaming and podcasting with the temporary nature of Snapchat. At its most basic, users on Clubhouse can join in on live, audio-only conversations between users and engage with one another on various topics. Once the chat ends, the conversation disappears similarly to Snapchat, increasing the creativity and interest in the discussion.

The exciting nature of Clubhouse is that users never know who may unexpectedly join the conversation. Users have reported celebrities such as Chris Rock, Ashton Kutcher, and even Oprah popping in unexpected conversations.

What has been most unexpected about Clubhouse’s rise to fame has been the popularity of audio-only social media formatting. The new and unexpected combination - boosted by a “you never know who may show up!” excitement - has helped skyrocket Clubhouse into the social media stratosphere.

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Can Businesses Benefit From Audio-Only Social Media?

With the past decade’s focus on visual media, it can seem almost regressive to encourage a business to get involved in an audio-only social media platform. What has contributed to the rise in audio media in recent years? 

Some media researchers believe that users are flocking to audio chats and away from visual-first platforms due to visual burnout and the increasing popularity in real-time media. While visual media requires hours of preparation and production, live social media feels more real and authentic. The statistics back this idea up - podcasts have grown in popularity by over 35% over the last few years. It looks like no-pressure and interactive audio engagement are only going to rise. 

While you may be hesitant to jump onboard the Clubhouse bandwagon, there are plenty of lucrative opportunities for businesses and brands who are willing to take a chance on this emerging media. Let’s break down a few ways that your business can start taking advantage of Clubhouse’s audio-only format.

How Your Business Can Use Clubhouse To Engage Customers

Here’s how you can tap into the app’s community and use it to grow your brand and influence.


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Boost Brand Engagement With A Clubhouse Community

Businesses can succeed on Clubhouse because of the platform’s unique ability to build and grow online communities. With the conversations centering on topics and ideas that drive inspiration and community engagement, you can quickly create an online following by driving users to a discussion based on why your brand exists!

Businesses and their leaders can begin to engage a highly-influential Clubhouse community by initiating or joining conversations on the topics that users are interested in rather than advertising on the platform. Allow your target demographic to drive the conversation, and watch as your influence on the platform begins to grow.

Build Trust By Giving Customers A Voice

A consistent feature that many brands are taking advantage of in Clubhouse rooms is receiving honest and authentic feedback. From product reveals to feedback on company initiatives, business leaders can quickly build trust with current and potential customers by simply giving them a voice!

Have a new feature or product for which you are looking for feedback? Create a Clubhouse room dedicated to the item or concept and allow users to have conversations about the good, bad, ugly, and surprising. You may even draw in other entrepreneurs and business leaders who have been down a similar path and have the wisdom to share. If you are lucky, you can even gain the eye of a Venture Capitalist who is looking for businesses to engage with. (More on that below.)


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Learn (& Drive) Current Trends

Deep within the idea of Clubhouse is a concept known as social listening. This passive engagement in current trends, news, and ideas allows users to quickly gain an opinion and interest in topics as they go about their daily lives. 

If you want to make a splash in your industry or field, take the time to become an expert on Clubhouse. Engage with others in the industry, engage in current conversations, and stay ahead of the latest ideas and updates by being consistent on the platform. In turn, you can utilize Clubhouse to stay ahead of the trend and make announcements that you know users won’t want to miss out.

Use Clubhouse To Market Announcements & Reveals

This tactic will require you to spend some time building a following on the platform, but once you have a good-size audience, consider using Clubhouse to announce brand-related news and updates.

The key to success here is creating conversations that inspire users to engage with your brand or product. Whether you are announcing a new product line, initiative, or mission-based goal, utilize the why behind your announcement or reveal to boost interest and spur on the conversation around your brand’s big news. 

You can also take advantage of these conversations to gain valuable feedback on how you can better market your product or service and get ideas for future changes.


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Take Advantage Of Clubhouse’s Investor Interest

As we stated in the introduction of this article, Clubhouse has seen such meteoric success tied to the massive interest that the platform has received from Venture capitalists. With so many VCs on the Clubhouse platform, your business has ample opportunities to network and build relationships that can pay off massively. 

So how do you get the attention of a Venture Capitalist to build these kinds of valuable relationships? As with everything about Clubhouse, drawing in VCs can be an act of pure luck. However, you can tip the scales in your favor:

Consider starting a Clubhouse room where the topic is your business. This can draw VCs interested in hearing more about your company and garner some feedback or interest from those looking to get involved with businesses on the platform.

You can also make connections by being a consistent voice in various conversations. You never know who you may inspire and connect with as you speak about your brand’s mission, goals, and products.

Boost Your Business’s Brand With Clubhouse

Every social media platform offers unique opportunities to meet consumers where they are online. The days of expecting potential customers or clients to drop by a brick-and-mortar location are long gone. With so many options at their disposal, consumers expect to be courted by brands. Taking advantage of social media is a great way to reach those potential customers and boost your brand.

Clubhouse’s unique audio-only format brings businesses a chance to jump onto what may potentially change social media course for some time. The lack of need to spend hours developing and producing high-dollar visual media is a massive benefit of utilizing Clubhouse and increases the chances that your brand will be noticed by users who are consuming their media more passively. 

However, using Clubhouse with your preexisting media marketing strategies may not be the most effective method. If you plan to jump into the Clubhouse chat rooms, spend time as a user yourself, and get a feel for how the platform operates before making any large-scale marketing plans. With a bit of creativity and a dash of luck, your business can be one of the first to take advantage of what Clubhouse has to offer!


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