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Startup Nation Provides Opportunities for German Business

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Startup companies in Germany and across Europe have a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and network with other professionals in the Southeast Asia market at the Thailand Startup Nation conference hosted by Doto One in 2019. It is absolutely free for representatives of German businesses to attend and take part in all the brand-building activities.

The event happens from July 23-27, 2019.

Thailand and other countries in this part of Asia represent a huge and growing market share for many types of companies. This event will attract over 60,000 visitors from all over the world who want to learn more about how to tap into this strong consumer base. You do not have to host an exhibitor booth or table yourself to reap the benefits of positive networking with professional peers.

Present Your Firm in the Startup Gallery

Companies based in Europe can apply for inclusion in the Startup Nation Gallery, which will showcase top brands across multiple industries and niches. Fill in the necessary information, high-quality graphics, and submit a video or similar submission information to improve your chances of selection.

Deadline for applications is 12 July, 2019.

How does this benefit your brand? Not only will every other startup company individual who attends the event see your company prominently displayed, but it also puts your information in front of potential investors and Asian business representatives. This event is designed to promote visibility and recognition in your industry, provide networking opportunities to forge international connections, and augment your reach into new market sectors.


Why Choose Startup Nation Thailand?

As the event will take place in Bangkok, it stands in a dominant position for established and fledgling companies who wish to expand into Southeast Asia. The consumers and B2B firms in this area are hungry for new products, services, and opportunities to grow their interests. The mutually-beneficial event is representative of the new focus on a globally connected world of commerce.

Everything moves swiftly in all industries these days. Innovative technologies and systems push business development into the future at a fast pace changing the way you run your company but also encouraging a broader view when it comes to target markets. Doto One has established ties in Asia and Germany, which makes them a considerably valuable player in the expansion of commercial interests between the two regions of the world.


The Application Process Explained

To have your startup included in the gallery, tell your brand story effectively. Not only you should impress those who choose which firms to display but also the others who end up viewing it at the event. You have a questionnaire and a 60-second video to produce within the template of the application. Realize that Startup Nation only wants to share the most professional and enticing examples in the gallery. Do your best work, and you will reap the benefits of the display in front of more than 500 other startups, 500 investors, and the tens of thousands of visitors who will pass by your company profile during the event.


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