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Facebook wants your video content!

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Video is King and sound is very important part of it. It can instantly change the mood or evoke emotion.

The latest confirmation comes from Facebook announcement of "Sound Collection."

Facebook wants you to create and share more video content.

They follow the example of YouTube by building a sound library free to use for your videos.


The Sound Collection gives access to high-quality audio tracks and effects owned by Facebook. They are free and clear to use in any videos you create and share only on Instagram and Facebook.

Surprisingly, the quality of the music there is much higher than the one present when YouTube did the same. 


facebook sound collection


They share with you tracks from established composers and songwriters. And a range of sound effects makes it even more interesting. The Sound Collection will include great artists with the possibility to follow and like them.

They promise that new sounds and effects will regularly be added,

so check this out!

To get started, visit the Sound Collection.
If you don't see the collection right now, it will be available to all creators soon.

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