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Digital Analytics Fundamentals Course by Google

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This free online course will help you understand better your website visitors and grow your business faster thru intelligent data collection and analysis.

Is there a website without any analytics tools? Sounds strange those days, right? 

With Digital Analytics Fundamentals course you will learn how to understand the information collected by your Google Analytics. This will help you grow your business faster through intelligent data collection and analysis.

This Free Digital Analytics Fundamentals course by Google Analytics Academy includes:

1.1. Course Overview

2.1. The importance of Digital Analytics

2.2. Core Analysis Techniques

2.3. Conversions and Conversion Attribution

2.4. Creating a Measurement Plan

3.1. How Google Analytics Works

3.2. Key Metrics and Dimensions Defined

4.1. Creating an Account

4.2. Understanding Your Account Structure

4.3.  Setting Up Basic Filters

4.4. Setting Up Goals and Ecommerce

4.5. Collecting Campaign Data

5.1. Reporting Overview

5.2. Audience Reports

5.3. Acquisition Reports

5.4. AdWords Reports

5.5. Behaviour Reports

5.6. Custom Reports and Dashboards

6.1. Goal Flow Report

6.2.  Ecommerce Reports

6.4. Multi-Channel Funnels Reports

6.5. Attribution Reports


Enjoy your free online course! :)




More courses by Analytics Academy you can find here: http://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com.


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