7 Major Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Planning is everything. Do not just post and hope for the best, set yourself up for success.

1. Do Your Research

Planning is everything. Do not just post and hope for the best, set yourself up for success.

Facebook Insights should be your #1 tool. It provides you with information/statistics on your page likes, reach, engagement, page views, and even demographics of your audience. Using insights, you can determine how best to target and time your posts.

2. Think Like Your Fans

What kinds of posts would they share with their friends? What is relevant to them? By getting into the mindset of your fans, you can become valuable to them. Be real, share your insight, and focus on them. Not every post should be about you/your company. In fact, most shouldn’t be. People don’t follow you to receive posts that read like ads. They follow you to stay up-to-date on data within your niche/industry.

3. Use Videos and Imagery

Posts with videos or visuals are at least twice as likely to receive engagement from your followers. It’s called eye candy for a reason. All visuals must relate to your message. Attaching random “awesome” photos to your content that do not relate to your message will decrease your engagement, and likely be interpreted as spam.

4. Partner with Other Facebook Pages in Your Industry

Message other Facebook pages in your niche (with a similar # of followers) offering a shoutout for a shoutout. In other words, you’ll repost content from their page if they repost from yours. Chances are one out of every ten requests you make will be accepted. This trick is an excellent way to increase organic reach and is always a win-win for both parties.

5. Create a Conversation and Engage with Your Fans

Show your fan base that you care by responding to their comments and mentions, even if it’s just with a “like.” Create polls – ask what type of content your fans like best. Provide them with exclusive insight, utilizing Facebook Live to show “what goes on behind the scenes” or to host a “Q & A.” Don’t just post, interact!

6. Create “Evergreen” Content

Evergreen content refers to posts that stay relevant over time. Because of this, they can be shared over and over again – increasing your opportunities for exposure. You can also re-post evergreen content to your page, reaching a new audience (perhaps in different time zones) every time by using Facebook’s targeting feature.

7. Be Your Own Friend

This one’s more relevant to those of you who are just starting out on Facebook Pages. The fastest way to grow your page is by engaging your personal network. Use the “invite my friends” feature, and use your account to share your company’s posts with your network.


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